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JEN BOWEN, owner & professional organizer
  • Insured provider of organizing services

  • Golden Circle member of NAPO
  • Master's Degree in Elementary Education

  • Master's Degree in Special Education
  • Former Elementary & Special Education 
    teacher with 14 years of experience
  • Academic Tutor                  
"The help you provided has made a world of difference.  My mind is free to move onto the next things in my life: a new school, getting married, losing weight, and the unknowable greatness right around the corner.  I've spent some time each day moving forward with the concepts you've given me.  You are like a mix of a personal trainer, a counselor, a domestic goddess, and Macgyver!  Thank you for everything."
Apartment Organization (Jessica, Pennsylvania)
"As a mother of triplet toddlers living in a condo with limited space, Jen had her work cut out for her!  Her easy-going nature made what was a difficult and overwhelming process a pleasure.  She completely organized the many toys, stuffed animals, educational items, etc.  I can now readily find items, a big deal when time is so limited.  I feel like I have more control over our living spaces.  I am thrilled that being organized means having more time to spend with my kids!"
Mother of Triplet Toddlers (Cindy, Pennsylvania)
"Jen, you are the best and so blessed to have this talent and skill.  I love your positive energy.  I was holding onto so much "old memory stuff" and now I feel refreshed and purged... can't wait for the challenges ahead!"
Basement & Garage Organization (Mary Anne, Delaware)
"As a small business owner, wife & mother of two kids under the age of five, the thought of organizing my out-of-control kitchen pantry sent me into panic mode!  But, when a box of elbow macaroni fell on my head, I decided it was a project that needed to be done...and FAST!  I discovered Jen and Contemporary Organizing through a Living Social deal.  What a life-saver!  Jen arrived, quickly assessed my pantry organization needs and, in no time, turned the cluttered, chaotic abyss that was my pantry into a newly-organized, totally labeled pantry!  Now, my family & I can locate everything: snacks, canned goods, etc, easily!  Thank you, Jen!  Next project:  the PLAYROOM!"
Pantry Organization (Kimberly, New Jersey)
"A man’s garage may be his castle, or perhaps a “man cave,” but in my case it was just a messy pile of junk surrounding my car.  With help from Contemporary Organizing, I now have a great looking garage with lots more space.  I know where everything is, and I don’t have to spend half a day looking for things, or worse yet, buying more of the items I couldn’t find.  Thanks, Jen, for shaping up my castle!  You’re a wonder!"
Garage Organization (Victor, Maryland)
"With an upcoming move to a small condo, we had the overwhelming task of deciding what to keep, what to offer to the kids, and what to donate or throw out.  Jen thoughtfully assessed our needs and our vision for our new home.  She respectfully guided us through the process of downsizing!  Our children now have items they cherish, and we were able to make donations to our favorite charities (and receive a potential tax deduction).  Thank you, Jen for your insights and positive energy." 
Downsizing & Move (Elizabeth & Keith, Delaware)
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